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  • J'adore Raw - Raw Organic Dried Inca Berries (Physallis)

Raw Organic Dried Inca Berries (Physallis) - 150g

This item ships to Australia only*


Product Description

The Super Berry with burst of flavour and nutrition

J’adore Raw TM Certified Dried Organic Inca berries are not just a Super-berry but are also a Superfood. They are an excellent source of fibre, protein and potassium and contain more antioxidants than green tea and goji berries. 

Inca Berries are reported to increase metabolism, promote digestion and help manage diabetes. 

The flavour is unique with initial sweetness followed by a zesty, tangy burst that just screams out vitamin C!

Serving Suggestion: J’adore Raw TM Inca Berries are a versatile, dried juicy fruit which can be eaten as a snack or added to cereals or yoghurts.  Both tart and sweet, J’adore Raw TM Inca Berries are perfect for baking, pastries, jams and desserts.  Inca berries covered in melted J’adore Raw Cacao Nibs are also a delicious treat for the whole family!

Ingredients: 100% Raw Certified Dried Organic Inca berries 

Country of Origin: Ecuador

* This item only ships to Australia. If you are not in Australia, please return to the country selection page



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