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  • Four Leaf - Bio Organic Brown Rice Flour

Bio Organic Brown Rice Flour - 300g

This item ships to Australia only*


Product Description

Brown rice retains the outer bran layer of the rice grain, which contains nutrients of vital importance in the diet, especially fibre and essential oils. Brown rice contains no cholesterol, fat, sodium or gluten and is a valuable source of complex carbohydrates, providing more vitamins, minerals and fibre than simple carbohydrate foods. When cooked, it has a slightly chewy texture and nut-like flavour.

Finely milled brown rice grain, excellent for coeliacs. Suitable for use in bread, plus all sweet and savoury dishes.

Ingredients: 100% Organic, Biodynamic Brown Rice.

Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy 1500Kj
Protein 6.90g
Fat total 2.40g
-saturated 0.50g
-total 74.40g
-sugars 4.30g
Sodium <1.00mg

* This item only ships to Australia. If you are not in Australia, please return to the country selection page



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